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PTt 2.0

Anchorless toothbrush line using a new and revolutionary technology

  • More output than ever before: up to 40 brushes/min.

  • Very thin and compact toothbrush head designs possible

  • The only anchorless technology that works with transparent handle materials

  • No need for headplates

  • Excellent quality of endrounding

  • Suitable for all handle and filament material combinations, including tapered filaments

  • Up to 6 different fiber colors or types


PTt technology makes the manufacturing of anchorless toothbrushes simpler and offers a wide variety of design options. Just like a conventional toothbrush machine, PTt 2.0 works with standard toothbrush handles with pre-cored holes and with pre-cut filament pucks. A fiberbox with in-line endrounding feature ensures excellent product quality, even at the high production rates of the PTt 2.0.

The PTt 2.0 is available as a manually loaded machine or with all possible automation to reduce operator labor to a minimum, such as fiber loading systems for regular and tapered filaments, handle feeders, palletizers and so on. With the higher tufting speed and increased output capacity of the integrated endrounding system, outputs of up to 40 brushes/min can be reached.


Technical data

  • Dimensions4700 mm x 2500 mm

Suitable for

  • Minimal head thickness
  • Many different tuft shapes
  • Complex profiles
  • Minimal distance from edge of brush head to tufts
  • Tuft in tuft
  • Different colors in 1 tuft
  • Large variety of handle materials, including transparent materials
  • Rubber cleaning elements in the head, tongue cleaners in the back
  • Tapered filaments

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