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We are a true family business
with a passion for technology

The beginnings of our company can be traced back to 1928, when our company founder Mr. Gerard Boucherie (°1903 - †1992) built the first Boucherie machine in his mother’s living room and subsequently started his own company.

Foto Nailbrush machine

1938: Gerard Boucherie (left) presenting his automatic drilling and filling machine for nailbrushes.


First double header carousel

In the 1950s Gerard engineered the world’s first double header carousel drilling and filling machines, the principles of which remain used until this very day.

In the 1960s Mr. Lionel Boucherie assumed leadership of the company, thereby assisted by his 3 brothers Frans, Marcus and Bart sr. During the same decade Lionel started our injection mold division.


TM principle

In 1973, Lionel introduced the “TM” principle for compact fully automatic production of household brushes.

From left to right: Marcus Boucherie † , Emiel Vandamme † , Frans Boucherie, Lionel Boucherie, Bart Boucherie jr., Bertha Boucherie † , Gerard Boucherie † , Katarina Boucherie


Boucherie’s first toothbrushmachine

In 1978 we built our first toothbrushmachine, which revolutionized the toothbrush business and forever changed the way toothbrushes are made.


1990 until now

During the 1990s our company started developing technology for the production of brushes without staples or anchors and in 2000, we completed our first “AFT” anchorless toothbrush machine.

At around the same time Lionel’s son, Bart Boucherie jr. took over his father’s duties and became president of our company. Under his guidance, our company continues to develop new technologies for our customers.

Hires Boucherie2 WAL2420 min

From left to right: Emiel Boucherie, Lionel Boucherie, Lisa Boucherie, Bart Boucherie jr.

Many techniques and machines used for making brushes today no matter where in the world, found and find their origin in Izegem.

As a company driven by innovation, we continue to invest in the development of new ideas and products. Our R&D team is recognized for its creativity and audacity by our customers worldwide. We strongly believe in vertical integration supported by a state-of-the-art machine shop. All our machines are produced 100% in our factories in Izegem, Belgium.

Looking for efficient brush making equipment?

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