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Compact automatic toothbrush production line for all-plastic toothbrushes

  • The ideal solution for completely recyclable brushes

  • No restrictions for the handle, fiber and anchor materials

  • High output: up to 1000 tufts per minute

  • Technology similar to standard conventional tufting

  • Anchor insertion angle not critical, and no danger of cracking

  • Major cost savings compared to nickel-silver anchor wire

  • Simple high-speed filling tool with very few parts

  • 12 working stations for trimming and endrounding, with more stations available as an option


The Hepta-FM/R manufacturers all-plastic brushes, which are perfectly recyclable, because all 3 components (handle, fiber and anchor plates) can be based on the same polymer.

The machine uses a new method of anchoring tufts into plastic handles, yet the machine and its components are familiar to any technician who is used to conventional anchor technology. The output and the machine dimensions are the same as the Hepta-FM/1000, and all options and automation of the Hepta-FM are available for the Hepta-FM/R.

Suitable for

  • All-plastic, metal-free toothbrushes
  • Perfectly recyclable mono-material toothbrushes
  • Any material combination for handle, filaments and anchors
  • Manual, electrical and children's toothbrushes
  • Tapered filaments
  • Multi component plastic handles
  • Toothbrushes requiring several production steps

More about this machine?

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