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Automatic trimming and endrounding machine for toothbrushes

  • Up to 80 brushes/min

  • 16 working stations for trimming and endrounding (more optional)

  • Improved efficiency of endrounding units, ensuring an excellent high quality finish

  • Also available with single clamps: FM-S


FM-D is an automatic finishing machine for high-quality toothbrushes. It features a chain type construction and is available in various sizes depending on the required output and configuration. As a standard, this machine is equipped with double clamps holding two brushes per chain link.

The manual brush infeed is done in a safe and ergonomic condition, away from the moving chainlinks unlike on other machines. FM-D can be used in combination with two or three tufting machines such as Hepta to make an efficient and flexible high-output production cell.


Suitable for

  • All kinds of combinations of profiled and flat trimming
  • Longitudinal trimming
  • Hot stamping and decal marking or laser engraving

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