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Compact universal machine for recyclable brushware

  • No metal in the final product

  • Less plastic in the block

  • New and patented tufting technology

  • Angled tufting possible

  • Simple tooling and clamping parts

  • User-friendly WINBRUSH programming software

  • Available for brooms up to 24”, brooms with flare up to 90° and for a variety of other brushware


The Aeola-AF is a universal brush manufacturing machine making brushes without metal anchors or staples to hold the tufts: the filaments of each tuft are melted together, after which tuft after tuft is fixed in the brush head by means of a new and patented process. The holes of the blocks are drilled in the machine, allowing simple molds for the blocks, a freely programmable hole pattern and angled tufts. Due to the new and revolutionary process to fix the tufts in the head, the holes can be shallower and thinner blocks can be used, further saving plastic and energy in the molding process.

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