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Compact, economical and extremely fast

  • 1 very simple filling tool without housing or lubrication

  • Output similar to many vertical double headers

  • Safe loading, away from drill and filling tool

  • Ergonomic loading height

  • Small footprint

  • Reduced power consumption

  • User-friendly WINBRUSH programming software

  • Automatic ejection available

  • Automatic loading from stack hopper available


The NM is an extremely fast running single tool machine that is more compact, will run at a higher efficiency and will be much safer to run than the traditional vertical double headers. It uses Boucherie’s most innovative technology, which combines a high tufting speed with a continuously running filling tool that doesn’t stop between consecutive brushes. The machine is laid out as a compact carrousel with only 3 clamping stations, and with extremely good accessibility for maintenance and change-over. Eliminating the start/stop cycles of the main motor, and equipped with the newest generation of electronics, NM is also very energy efficient.

Technical data

  • Axes of movement5
  • Max product size400 mm
  • FootprintOnly 5 sqm!

Suitable for

  • All kinds of brushes and brooms up to 40 cm long
  • Full round toilet brushes
  • Wire scratch brushes

More info about this machine?

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