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Compact universal double header machine for all kinds of brushware

  • Small footprint

  • Ergonomic loading height for blocks and fiber

  • Very simple filling tools without housing, requiring no lubrication

  • Reduced power consumption

  • User-friendly WINBRUSH programming software

  • Particulary suitable for applications with many tufts per product and/or materials that cannot be processed at very high speed


The Aeola-2 has a completely different concept for household and personal care brush manufacturing equipment: simple and extremely efficient, with a layout that saves a lot of floor space compared to any other double header. Traditional double head brush machines are complex, take up a lot of floor space, and often can’t operate at their full potential.

Aeola-2 uses Boucherie’ s most innovative technology, which combines a high tufting speed with continuously running filling tools that don’t stop between consecutive brushes. It has 3 or more independently moving turrets that allow to optimize the cycle times in the different stations, so that a high output can be combined with excellent product quality. For maintenance and change-overs, accessibility all around the machine is very good.

Technical data

  • Axes of movement5
  • Max hole pattern length620 mm (24")
  • Dimensions2850 mm x 4500 mm

Suitable for

  • Brooms up to 620 mm long (24”)
  • All kinds of brooms and brushes with radial and parallel filling
  • Toilet brushes
  • Cobweb brushes

More info about this machine?

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