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HSU 35b

Toothbrush packaging machine for full carton blisters

  • Ecological alternative for classic thermoformed blisters

  • No glue required

  • Modular design

  • Low cost quick-change tooling

  • Automatic infeed system optional


This form-fill-seal machine can process carton blisters with a height of up to 64 mm, made of 100% cardboard (mono-material blister), even with sealed dust flaps. The HSU 35 can also handle recyclable preformed PET and PLA blisters, or combinations of both carton and plastic. It is based around a flexible pallet transport system to accommodate various requirements. Its modular design allows to incorporate additional stations as needed.

ILLIG designed this versatile machine especially for 100% cardboard blisters with an inlay to stabilize the toothbrush inside the blister.

Technical data

  • SpeedUp to 12 cycles/min
  • Max. blister size260 mm x 240 mm
  • Max. blister depthUp to 64 mm

Suitable for

  • Fully recyclable carton blisters
  • Island blisters (plastic to carton) with preformed shells
  • Combinations of the above

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