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Universal finishing machine for all kinds of brooms and brushes

  • Efficient loading with 2 double-sided clamping units

  • Finishing in 2 directions for excellent trim quality

  • Suitable for flat or curved products

  • Suitable for broom up to 24” long (620 mm)

  • Flagging, beating and other options available

  • Quick and simple change-over

  • Also available with one double sided clamp (TR-A/1)


TR-A/2 is a universal trimmer for brooms up to 62 cm long. It will trim, and optionally flag, beat and/or clean the products. The finishing movement is in both directions over the broom for optimal quality and symmetry of the product. Two brooms can be loaded at the same time on stationary clamps, while the machine is finishing other brooms. The operator can remove the finished products at a convenient height, or the products can be ejected automatically.

Technical data

  • Max product length620 mm (24")
  • Dimensions4000 mm x 1800 mm

Suitable for

  • Brooms up to 620 mm long (24”)
  • All kinds of straight and/or curved brooms and brushes
  • Flagged brooms and brushes
  • Brooms and brushes with natural filling materials

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