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Anchorless tufting machine for face cleaning brushes and nail lacquer brushes

  • No metal anchors or rotating clamps required

  • Very high filament density and thin brush heads possible

  • Special brush topographies possible my means of the CNC tuft length control

  • Tufting close to the edge of the brush head

  • Substantial nylon savings

  • Tuft melting by means of contact heating

  • Single or double color tufting available

  • Rubber cleaning elements in the head possible

  • Simple tooling, easy to change over to different models

  • Angled tufting optional


The AMR-facial is a high speed, spool-fed tufting machine for anchorless face cleaning brushes. The spool-fed filling tools, which allow the use of very thin filaments, tuft the fine material directly into the head plate of the brush, eliminating the issues related to handling and picking fine filaments. After tufting, the filaments are melted together and the head plates can subsequently be assembled with the rest of the brush, or overmoulded.

The AMR-facial is available as a manually loaded machine to make the tufted head plates only or with all possible automation, including assembly of the brush to reduce operator labor to a minimum.

Technical data

  • Speed700 tufts/min
  • Finest filament2 mils

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