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Extremely fast running single tool machine for all kinds of brushware

  • Based on Boucherie Ovale technology

  • Extremely high tufting speeds

  • Filling tool runs non-stop

  • User-friendly and low maintenance

  • Reduced power consumption

  • Variety of automation possible


With Aeola, Boucherie has developed a totally different machine concept for household and personal care brush manufacturing: compact, simple and extremely efficient. Traditional double head brush machines are complex, big and often can't operate at their full potential. This extremely fast running single tool machine is more compact, has a higher output and is a breeze to maintain.

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Technical data

  • Axes of movement5
  • Tuft flare180°
  • Max product size620 mm

Suitable for

  • Hair brushes
  • Cushion brushes
  • Bath brushes

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