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Mass production machine for the production of interdental brushes

  • New fiber distribution system for excellent fiber spreading with a minimum of adjustments

  • Minimal waste (adjustable wire length)

  • Output: up to 100 brushes per minute

  • Also suitable for the smallest products (ISO size 0)

  • Long lasting clamping chucks for a minimal spare parts usage

  • Stable process ensures consistent high speed and output

  • Quick change-over

  • Accessible from all sides for easy maintenance


IDM is a very compact machine, built according to the carrousel principle. All operations are done in the same clamp for a superior product quality.

This machine can produce short brush heads as well as brushes with a long twisted stem with a minimum of waste of metal wire. IDM is available with spool feed or with a fiberbox for pre-cut fiber, and it is prepared for easy integration with assembly and packaging systems. A newly developed fiber spreading system provides excellent fiber distribution, even for the thinnest filaments, with very simple and quick re-threading. Clamping chucks in a high-tech material ensure a reduced wear of parts while an inspection camera ensures a perfect and consistent brush quality.

Technical data

  • Max wire diameter0.9 mm
  • Min wire diameter0.16 mm
  • Max brush head length32 mm
  • Max total brush length73 mm
  • Max trim diameter10 mm
  • Min trim diameter1.8 mm

More info about this machine?

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