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Universal high-output double header machine

  • No index time on many brush models

  • Numerically controlled, electronic trimming station

  • Universal handle feeder conveyor with orientation feature and automatic positioning available


The Ovale is a truly revolutionary machine in so many aspects: very universal with five axis CNC control, continuously drilling and filling for a higher output, a very quick and easy to fill handle feeding conveyor, electronic trimming by means of servomotors, and excellent accessibility for change-over and maintenance. The operator workspace is kept compact, with a well thought-out layout which adds to the overall efficiency and safety of the machine.

Technical data

  • Speed1200 tufts/min
  • Maximum fiber length280 mm
  • Minimum fiber length40 mm
  • Maximum filling tool7.3 mm
  • Minimum filling tool1.6 mm

Suitable for

  • All kinds of brushes and brooms up to 62 cm long
  • Dish brushes, including Scandinavian style
  • Full round toilet brushes
  • Wire scratch brushes
  • Hygienic brushware, tank cleaning brushes, etc.

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